Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I found this picture on the ol' net while killing time before my next assembly sitting in my office trying very hard not to give in to turning the heating on! Winter arrived! Ding dong, hello? Anyone home?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sign of the times

I thought today's Madam & Eve cartoon was a brilliant expose of modern life... no-one is safe from the ravages of YouTube!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I can't believe it... words fail me!
The only unbeaten team in the ICC Twenty20 World Cup Cricket tournamnet hosted IN South Africa was ... WAS... South Africa. Not only did we lose to India, we lost by enough runs to put us out on a technicality! We won every single game but this one!
We (and of course I mean 'they') choked it once again! South African cricketers and cricket supporters all round the world must be amazed once again at the tragedy that is South Africa's World Cup cricket record.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lighted relief

Everyday I go through a ritual of reading blogs and emails. Sometimes there is nothing new to read, and sometimes there is news or arbitrary silliness - I have very silly friends, which is why I love them!
Then there's the theological/philosophically profound blogs... they leave me feeling challenged, and mostly inspire a sense of new direction or fuel my idealism.
but today they were all filled with angst. Some called it 'mid-life' crisis, others were relating unfair treatment by the church, others were trying to figure out how to deal with an organisation that is in place to care and love the world but ends up hurting its servants! Its rather a doom and gloom week. So, my way, from across the world, of helping my fellow bloggers to stay happy and sane is to post a very funny video! It might only appeal to ex-pat South Africans, but it is funny nonetheless:

Friday, September 14, 2007

Looks like a good evening...

What would be more fun than watching your national rugby team play a historical rival, whilst living in said rival country!
Yup I get watch a seriously in-form Springbok team play England this evening in the Rugby World Cup! Woohoo
Should be good, I'm trying not to expect the win too much... ok thats a lie, I will be most annoyed if England manage to pull a win.
I did a High School Assembly this morning and deigned (how on earth do you spell that work?) to wear my Springbok Shirt! Most excellent. The Head teacher thought I was wearing green to match the school uniform... hee hee

Go Bokke!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

in some neah

Well, it happens every now and then, I just can't sleep. So I figured I'd post something, you know, do a Google search find a funny picture, stick it on and blabber aimlessly about what to do when sleep seems far away. The weird thing is that I found a load of other Blogs all about it too. Seems to be a popular topic!
The big question is: What do you do? The one option is to lie awake in bed listening to the Mozzies circling in and curse yourself for not getting rid of that bowl that someone left outside a few months ago that has been filled by the rain and is happily breeding the little buggers in the back yard. The other option is to come downstairs, risk waking the wife who will sleepily, yet accusingly, ask where on earth it is you're going at three in the morning. But once that obstacle has been manouevred what then? Play some Counter Strike online and kill off a couple of German teenagers for a while (ok more likely be killed by the same German teenager over and over and over again); post something on a blog; do some work since the morning is looking doubtful? So far I've done all of the above...except for the work option! maybe that'll be next... maybe I'll fall asleep at the PC and wake up with a keyboard negative engraved on my face... who knows, at least you'll have shared in some of my night-time wonderings and wanderings... ooh i just remembered there's always Mahjong online... woohoo

Monday, September 10, 2007

news de cartoon

I am quite a lazy person really, which is the main reason for there being so few posts on this blog. So I don't really spend too much time reading newspapers or keeping up with current affairs. Shocking, I know. What kind of person is so voluntarily naive about today's world!! Well me.
The one way that I manage to stay up to date is by checking a list of cartoons everyday. Zapiro keeps me almost up to date with South African politics, Madam & Eve keep me up to date with South African culture and Dave Walker's "The Cartoon Blog" keeps me informed about the goings on in the Church of England. It's quite a good way to get the latest info. The other cartoon that keeps me chuckling most mornings is Reverend Fun whose cartoons are a great poke at church culture. This is my most recent favourite:

I love the look on God's face... "hmmm... is it really necessary??"
May you enjoy the news de cartoon as much as me!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the muse-ic in me

One of the things I managed to do whilst back in Cape Town, was to dig out my CD collection from storage and fill in all the gaps of the stuff I didn't bring over with me. I am now once again able to enjoy all the weird and wonderful music my friends have gotten me into over the years. Good ol' Flying Circus (SA band), Cranberries, Weezer, Hootie & the Blowfish... aaah. Murray is once more content.

I've also been going through my back log of emails on Hotmail and found this link from a colleague: - Lifehouse Everything Skit
Give it a watch (although you might need broadband... go and make a coffee so long otherwise). It's well worth it, mostly because its a skit done to one of my favourite bands: the somewhat underrated Lifehouse. It is a little corny and predictable, but they have done it just so well that its worth the watch! There's also a download link if you're like me and pillage anything and everything for use in a sermon/assembly!

Mostly, I'm just impressed that I have posted two days in a row! Yeeha!
Its only cos I had a comment after posting last night for the first time in two someone, somewhere, out there is reading my ramblings... note that its someONE... hehe thanks Rock!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

pigs, cricket & pubs

I am two days into my first week back to work after a 5 week break. Summer holidays are brilliant inventions!!
I'll promise to post something later about our trip to Cape Town, but don't take me too seriously cos I'll probably forget.
We arrived home (yup, Brenchley is home. It's where my guitar and DVD's are) in time for our annual cricket game. All Saints Church vs. The Bull (our neighbouring pub). The Bull failed to get a team together, scared we decided, so we just had a brilliant afternoon of cricket amongst ourselves. The most amazing thing is that I got two wickets! No-one was more surprised than me. It wasn't a normal game, we did a pairs tournament, and my partner and I actually came second! Not too bad at all. We were only beaten by a youngster who came to the crease and happily smacked the ball for about 7 sixes in 6 overs.
For those who don't follow cricket the above will be most boring and meaningless, but fear not, this is a blog so the rest will no doubt be equally uninteresting.
We also attended a fund-raiser that was a combination of an outdoor performance and pig on a spit! Very English and very good fun!
This last sunday we had an Open Air service across the road, rather than in the church. It was great fun, I really do enjoy doing different things for church. It's loads more work, but really worthwhile. I was finding myself being unusually calm whilst others stressed around about me. Can't think why that was? I'm normally the first to pop a blood vessel. Nonetheless it was a great service followed by lunch at the pub! Good ol' English summer. Although depressingly Saturday was not Spring Day as I have always been told, but rather it is now Autumn Day! I was reminded that soon we will turn our clocks back and winter will be upon us... and snow! YAY! and skiing! YAY!

Good ol' English winter...