Monday, October 22, 2007

As is usual from time to time I find myself wasting time on the internet! here is a fantastic way to waste a few minutes:

Let me know how often you keep going back from the beginning... you might eventually receive the following accolade:

Now off to sleep... well in theory anway - I tried that a few hours ago to no avail - hohum.
At least the Bokke did us proud! BOKKE!! Although I would have loved to see a run from Habana in the final - not be be, the boys did well!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

News round up

Here is a quick round up of news - thanks to my daily cartoon list:

This Saturday England will have to face the amaBoko Boko in the rugby World Cup final. It is a most exciting time to be living in England, and we are feeling very confident that we'll be singing Shosholoza more than Sing low, sweet chariot! It's also much nicer news than the stories I am not really keep track of in South Africa:

It seems that those in power will always seek to remain there... regardless of what they are expected to do while there! Power corrupts! But this is still better news than the bun-fights on the go in the Anglican church:

A group of Anglican Bishops here in the UK and in Africa are calling for the Lambeth conference to be postponed (it only happens every ten years... its not like they'd miss it!) because of the 'naughty' anglicans in the US (or was it Canada?) who ordained a gay bishop. This affects me somewhat since I am now an Anglican (well ... employed as one) and the Bishop of Rochester (my Diocese) is one of those calling for a boycott of Lambeth conference. most sad indeed. He's doing a question and answer session this Thursday so I might try to get myself fired and ask him why he doesn't like Gene Robinson! oops

Thanks for reading this brief news round up.

Oh and for those who haven't heard my lovely wife is three months pregnant! (Don't you just love British understatement!)

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