Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Well the time that had come has not really come just yet.
We spent so much time waiting for Gina's due date to come around that we didn't quite expect it to come along sans baby. Argh. So today marks DueDay +5... still no sign, and the waiting continues. We've actually gotten over the dilemna of whether or not to make plans day to day. Now we just assume baby isn't coming at all and just do what we feel like doing. Not a good way to spend my paternity leave though... by the time baby comes I'll have to be thinking about work again! Argh.
Anyhoo... we're off to wander the countryside looking for cream tea's ... not a bad way to spend a sunny spring day!


Blogger halfhaggis said...


I'm organising to take paternity leave once the sprog actually arrives -- not before. You've got a raw deal there.

Your nursery has got lots of stuff -- it's making me panic. We need one of those baths (but we've got the cot and the pram, so we're probably doing ok).

Good luck!

7:20 pm  
Blogger Murray & Gina UK said...

Yea... its not so much paternity leave as a school holiday which seemed to coincide so nicely! should have known it wouldn't all work so well...

Yup nursery is pretty full... i think we ended up with three pushchairs of varying styles and newness... this little bundle of joy has loads of stuff... just like its' dad!

8:56 pm  

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