Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lighted relief

Everyday I go through a ritual of reading blogs and emails. Sometimes there is nothing new to read, and sometimes there is news or arbitrary silliness - I have very silly friends, which is why I love them!
Then there's the theological/philosophically profound blogs... they leave me feeling challenged, and mostly inspire a sense of new direction or fuel my idealism.
but today they were all filled with angst. Some called it 'mid-life' crisis, others were relating unfair treatment by the church, others were trying to figure out how to deal with an organisation that is in place to care and love the world but ends up hurting its servants! Its rather a doom and gloom week. So, my way, from across the world, of helping my fellow bloggers to stay happy and sane is to post a very funny video! It might only appeal to ex-pat South Africans, but it is funny nonetheless:


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