Wednesday, May 16, 2007

its gone... sniff sniff

My guitar has left me for a short vacation...
at least I know where it is and I have a piece of paper that will allow me to get it back unlike the last time I had a nice guitar (well last two times) when someone took them without giving me the proper receipt - I digress.
I had been playing my new swish guit, but I was worried that it was too bright (thats a measure of tonality not whether you can use it to read in the dark...) I had also noticed a rather annoying buzzy hum when I plugged it into the rig we normally use for church stuff, so I decided that I wasn't happy. In the midst of all this I discovered that the pickup in the guitar works very differently from normal, so once I had relearnt how to use a guitar (!!) there was still that annoying buzz. So back to London I went... and as anyone who knows me and my luck would guess, we plugged it in to the shop's little demo system and of course there was NO buzz. AAARRGGG
The guy was a little short at this point and said, "well all I can do is book it in and take it apart" eeeep! So I'm waiting for him to phone me and say, "I couldn't find anything wrong... sorry." Then I will have to go back to London (£12 again) at which point I will hold them all ransom until they agree to replace it with another... which they won't... then I'll be arrested for threatening a guitar salesman with a guitar stand... and they'll get to keep the guitar and I'll be £1550 out of pocket... aaaarrrrggggg
So I am not happy...


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