Tuesday, January 02, 2007

i honestly hate computers...

I was so happy to get a nice new shiny PC for my office mid November. I thought I had a good deal from good old Dell, I thought that I could just start it up and load on all my documents, music, photos and keep going as I had been on our laptop...

I was wrong.

It crashed, I had a blue-screen-of-death and so I tried to dump all my docs onto a DVD only for it to crash again, and this time corrupt the config.sys file. If you don't know what that is its basically the file that tells your computer how to start. At least I think it is...

So now I'm back to the overloaded, slow but REALLY reliable HP laptop while I wait for the PC to format so I can reload Windows. I've spent the last two hours copying files one by one in good ol' DOS into a partition on the hard drive with the hope that it will still be there following the format.
Here's hoping... if not I will cry


Blogger halfhaggis said...

Murray, I feel your pain, and I'll skip the "you're using an inferior operating system" rant.

When you say copying one file at a time, I hope you don't really mean one file at a time. You have heard of wildcards right?
I'm hoping it just took 2 hours because you have a huge amount of data to transfer.

Here's what I'm thinking though -- your hard-drive is faulty. With things crashing like that, straight out of the box, and files corrupting so early on, I think (sadly) that you haven't seen the last of these worries, even after a complete re-install.

Here's hoping I'm wrong

12:54 pm  
Blogger Murray & Gina UK said...

well you see the thing is...
I tried to do the wildcard thing, but it kept telling me that 'copy' doesn't use wildcards and it didn't have an 'xcopy' option...
so yes... one by flippen one

I have now just got off the phone with tech support (it was only an hour long phone call)
It turns out the Windows CD they sent with the PC is faulty too... so now I'm waiting for a replacement... aaarrrgggg

I ran a diagnostic and the drive seems to be fine, but we will see... we will see

2:19 pm  

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