Monday, September 25, 2006

The loss of power...

I was reading a blog entry by my friend Dion about the way that the systems we live in are really about preserving their power.
I was struck by the power (hehe) of the Christian message (allow me to use the brand of Christian to include my own branch which is more about God's love).
True freedom/power/integrity/truth is only achieved in giving up power... yet wherever we find ourselves we try to collect as much as we can. All of my relationships go pear shaped when I try to control. It surprised me because I have become more and more worried about the abuse of power by the USA, but the same is true of every system we exist in. Churches are the worst. There are little pockets trying to preserve their 'power' be it in the community, the church, the choir or the Church Council.
How did we get it so wrong? It is only in giving up our lives that we get life! It is only in giving up power/control that we get freedom!
Doesn't that sound like some guy who wandered around the Middle East a couple thousand years ago... sheesh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Murray
this power thing is so difficult! I keep myself safe by taking power. And then I can make sure things always go my way.
But then I will never grow, and never learn new things, and never have any real friends

8:55 pm  

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