Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Aus shock

I'm not used to supporting any Aussie team when it comes to sport, but it was a great day yesterday. I've always scoffed at Aussie's attempts at Soccer (sorry... Football).

For those who don't know they pulled off the most amazing comeback in their World Cup game against Japan. Well not as good as Liverpool's comeback against AC Milan in '05 ... but I digress.

Anyway... the Aussies had been in a World Cup Finals before but didn't score a single goal that time round. With their goalless history they were the decided underdogs against a fairly experienced Japanese team. Having everything against them, they managed to coame back from being 1-0 down to score 3, count them, three goals in the last 7 minutes of the match. Amazing! Outstanding!

So big up to Aussie Football, but don't think we'll be nearly as nice to the cricket or rugby team!

The World Cup action continues...

Bafana bafana... who are they?


Blogger Tammy said...

Congratulations on your use of contrast with the yellow aussie jerseys up against the black background - arresting imagery that deserves to be viewed by many.
(Ok, nevermind, I was pretending to be a 'blog critic' - do you get blog critics?)
Glad you guys are doing well and glad you have a blog so I can see about your life via your pics and comments (which are actually not so infrequent when compared to my own blog).

3:03 pm  

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