Tuesday, May 30, 2006

OK, so I'm in England!

Yesterday I felt like Postman Pat. Well, I didn't have a little red van, although I passed two or three on the way, and no little black and white cat, although there is a black cat next door who keeps digging up our grass.
It was a normal day, I got up, went out to buy some eggs and milk as you do, had a coffee at Starbucks and was driving home only to be stopped by a herd ...er flock ... er school .... er canteen? ... by a bunch of sheep. They were being herded (canteened?) up the road and into another field. It was so cool, ok smelly, but still cool . Man can those things make a noise.
Gina and I used to stop at exactly this point on this road to watch the new born lambs about a month ago (one of the now older lambs in just to the right of its mom in the pic). Poor little sheep dog looked terrified by something... I hope it was the cars and not the sheep. They are trully stupid animals. As they are being herded past all these cars they keep vearing off to grab a mouthful of roadside shrub... bleating all the way. Someone needs to tell them that its easier to eat if you keep your mouth closed.

WEll that was my excitement yesterday.
Today, my wife is home after a week long school trip to France. YAY! The house isn't quiet and lonely anymore... and someone's going to do some dishes! YAY!


Blogger Gus said...

bleat bleat

do the dishes murray--- that reminds me, I ought to do the dishes. Dope

Peace out my guy

9:02 pm  

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