Monday, February 20, 2006

I just realised that I have no idea who to address these blogs to...
Who exactly is it that blogs are written for? Is it for me to vent the thoughts in my head, cos then the Web is in trouble... or is it for my friends and family to read whats up in our lives?
If the latter, then I had should probably tell everyone that I have a blog in the first place!

Gina and I spent a week skiing last week. Yup thats right. The teacher and Youth worker managed to spend a week skiing in the French Alps (just across the border from the Winter Olympics no less)
This is the view we had from our room:

Not too bad a view as views go.

We had good fun on the slopes, although the bruises and muscle stiffness are still with us.
Back to work now, I suppose.


Blogger Gus said...


Jealousy makes me nasty.

Glad you had fun tho...

tell me; if you pee in the snow, what happens?

6:35 pm  

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