Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jesus and helium

So my wife left today for a 5 day trip to France without me. Her school is paying so we're not complaining, although she has to sleep on a coach on a ferry tonight, so maybe I got the better deal since I now get the big bed to myself... bit empty though...

I'm doing an assembly tomorrow on the Ascension. How do you tell kiddies about the ascension without being overly Christian? Its a toughie... well I figure I'll take a helium balloon, maybe make a few balloon doggies and a swan or two and hopefully they'll get the point about not holding onto the balloon cos it was designed to float away. The only problem is the next time mommy buys the little munchkins a helium balloon they'll let it go and tell mommy (oh by the way... its mummy, not mOmmy. The Brits have never heard of mom. Seriously. Its mum around here) that Murray told them to let it go. How did I end up doing Primary school assemblies!?!
To answer your question, no I don't think Jesus and helium ever crossed paths. Its a shame really, I reckon He would have had a top laugh doing the helium giggle. Its amazing the things we take for granted in our modern age. The poor disciples never got to sit around the lounge sucking helium out of floaty balloons laughing at each other's silly voices.
Now someone will probably come and protest outside my house for suggesting that Jesus ever giggled. Nice thought though...


Blogger Gus said...

Jesus didn't only giggle dude... he also got high.
why do you think they called it ascension day?

5:20 pm  
Blogger Murray & Gina UK said...

toot true
"...and then some strange men in white came and stood amongst them..." I see your point dude.
Luke left out the "wow... did you guys see that, they were like all white and stuff, like no-way *cough splutter* shah, that was like so weird" bit

11:30 am  

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