Thursday, May 18, 2006

I have been reading some fellow Methodist's blogs and generally feeling their frustrations about the system of Church that they find themselves a part of. I am now exiled from that system while I follow the call of my wallet, it seems to prefer Pounds to Rands. What can you do?

But I long to be a part of that system again, however evil it may be. I feel left out and unbelievably more frustrated with the English Church of England than I ever was with the MCSA.
Surely there is someone who will listen to God instead of political factions and 'interest groups'?
Why do we have leaders who are either not willing or simply not empowered to make the changes that seem so obvious?
Where are the prophets for this generation? Did they all get sucked into the mega-churches and then lost in the crowd? Is God silent?
I won't believe that. I'll hang on and suffer the evils of the system all the while hoping and praying for enough people to cry out with God's heartache at the injustice of it all. God is bigger than our silliness.


Blogger Gus said...

I've obviously got lots of work to do, thats why I am commenting... The funny thing is, I think the prophets do have stickability - the smooth ones move to the mega churches.

There are prophets in our midst, the kind of prophesying that they do is systematic, subversive, careful. They wander from house to house, hospital to hospital, bible study to bible study, sermon to sermon - and they do the subtle job of ministry.

No one talks about them - they're a bit like termites... gnawing at the core. Synod is admin. Bishops are admin. Meetings are admin. No ones going to write a book about them but they are there.

God Bless
Look forward to seeing you back in SA, one day. (Hang on to those pounds, you might need them.)

11:35 am  
Blogger Murray & Gina UK said...

The thing is, that I really want to believe that the system is capable of being prophetic... if we can get rid of the humans maybe.


It all seems so simple on paper. Thats what happens when you read prophetic books by the Hughes' and Tutu's of this world.
Maybe there is a way to lift Christ off the paper and into the system.
Without detracting from the door-to-door, bed-to-bed prophets that are keeping faith alive.

3:46 pm  
Blogger Gus said...

bed to bed? Siss man, thats another kind of ministry.

9:57 am  
Blogger Rock in the Grass said...

Hey Murray
We miss guys like you.Gus is right. The struggle years were simpler; the enemy was obvious and the 'war' simple. But it is more complex, and less populist. And much of the struggle hinges around how the Bible is read, and how people sense compassion.

3:16 pm  
Blogger Dassie said...

It should be Kented exile. ish implies origin. ed implies sore landing.

8:49 am  
Blogger Kentish Exile said...

no-one's ever happy...

10:45 am  

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