Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Aus amazement

At the risk of sounding like an Aussie supporter (heaven forbid) I need to comment again on Australia's World Cup journey. Since Croatia amazingly held Brazil to only a 1-0 defeat (most sane people were predicting 4-0, 5-0 hell even just 3-0) and since Australia managed to beat Japan by two goals, it means that after one game each, Brazil is not on top of their group.
I know this sounds rather trifling and it is, because I don't think Aus are going to repeat their success, but they are currently on top of their group. Now so is Germany only because they don't have any goals against them, but still... in the group with Brazil (current champions and most successful country in the history of the World Cup) and Australia (never before scored in the World Cup) it is the latter who is on top. I can't overstate how amazing this is. Well I have, but still it is insane.
This is why I love Football. The beautiful game.

Get in!


Blogger Gus said...

hey guy,

Thanks for the birthday wishes...

Saw a bit of the Aus/Brasil game today. (They did give Brasil a run for their moneys) I'm trying to get into sport you know - usefult tool for ministry (I hear). Ha Ha.

Take it easy in the land of Eng.

God Bless

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