Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bloggin' 'n Stuff

I think the reason I don't blog so much is because I very rarely feel I have anything profound to say. That and the fact that I've always had a "I'm fine" approach to life. Its difficult to say more than "I'm fine".
But I'll try for all my dedicated readers. *cough cough*

Gina has been promoted cos she is a clever bunny. She is now the joint head of Sixth Form at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls. All very posh, don't you know.
I am stupendously proud of her, cos like I said, she is such a clever bunny! The down side is that means a little more work come next term. Shame
On the up side we now have a second car ... yay! Which means that I don't need to get up so early to drop Gina at the station (I was dropping her at 7am every morning - sheesh), but that means that my little workaholic wifie is going to be tempted to stay later at school to finish marking,lessonplans,reports,examsetting etc. So I'll be cracking th ol' whip to keep her at home as much as possible.
The new car is in fact a very old car. Some friends of ours were about throw their third car away (literally) and offered it to us assuming it would pass the MOT (roadworthy for the South Africans out there - which every UK car has to pass once a year to stay on the road), which it did, well just. So I am now driving a 1991 BMW 316i. Not too shabby, I mean its still a Beamer right? Its growing on me, the first couple of days I was sulking cos I prefer the far more zippy Daihatsu Charade saloon.
Anyhow there we are.
Our next travels are back to Vaujany in the French Alps for another week of skiing. YAY! I am super stoked to be going back to the slopes, it really is the most fun you can have, even if it does make the Credit Card cry.
And then at the end of Feb I will find out what (or rather how long) my future is at Brenchley. It seems that I will be offered another two years, but I'm cynical enough to reserve all judgement until I hear from my boss on about the 21st Feb. So its all good!

To end: I know most of you out there (is there anybody out there?) have been very worried about my PC. It took four weeks to sort out, including three hours (in one hour sessions) with Dell's support call center in India (apparantly its cheaper to route all calls from here to India and back than running a call centre in the UK - go figure), a replacement memory chip-set thing, and about seven or eight attempts on my part of reinstalling Windows, but my PC is finally back up and running. Its actually much better than it was, cos I don't have all the crap that they send out automatically installed. But I'm still not quite finished transferring all my stuff back onto the PC. On the up side, my tedious copying of files one-by-one (yes thats right) using my limited DOS cammand knowledge paid off, cos all my important files were still hidden safely on the harddrive.
So there you have it: Murray's extended version of "I'm fine"


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