Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Skiing, Lent and AngelSpace

So we've been back from our week of skiing for a few days now, but we're both still quite sore. Yup, its only our second skiing outing and we're both sporting injuries... although neither were technically whilst skiing. I slipped on some black ice on the way up the village to collect our skis on Friday and pulled a ligament in my knee - ow. I still SO disappointed because my goal for the week was to get onto a red run (green, blue, red then black) and Gina did a red with our class on the day I was resting my poor knee!! Aarrggg. I was also very excited about skiing down the mountain in the dark after a surprise birthday party for our host at a restuaruant on one of the pistes, which I didn't get to do since I had stuffed my knee. I ended up walking down the mountain... in the dark... along the piste... with a damaged ligament...

Which brings us to Gina's injury. She was walking down with me and she (not me with the injury.. which is probably a good thing) slipped on an icy bit and has damaged her coccyx (thats the little end bit of our backbone - think ex-tail ... see below). I reckon she's broken it, but its like breaking a little toe... super painful, but there's not a lot you can do... just take it easy and wait for it to heal.
So we are both a little sore, and I am very disappointed to have missed out on two whole days of skiing!!! aaarrrggg
I have added a link to the Ship of Fool's Website on the right. They always put up a list of what you can do for Lent, if like me, you think that giving up chocolate is not really going to change the world. They have an idea for everyday of Lent, so have a look. you still might not change the world, but you might just change your own attitudes or perspective!

Lastly, this weekend is the first AngelSpace.

The Crypt of the Rochester Cathedral is going to be transformed into a cafe church. We're planning an evening of creative and dynamic worship in a relaxed and informal setting. The idea is that you sit at a table, sing, chat, discuss, reflect, create, pray, drink coffee, and engage with the myriad of prayer and reflection installations thoughout the crypt. its going to be awesome!!

Well there we are... another term, another injury another post


Blogger halfhaggis said...

Aah, the coccyx. Reminder that you are, in fact, a monkey.

Send my love to Gina. Hope her butt comes right soon. Angie knows her pain -- she did something similar and had to sit on a weird circular cushion with a hole in it.

4:07 pm  
Blogger Rock in the Grass said...

My dear brother
peace and healing to you both.
love Pete

7:34 am  

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