Wednesday, September 12, 2007

in some neah

Well, it happens every now and then, I just can't sleep. So I figured I'd post something, you know, do a Google search find a funny picture, stick it on and blabber aimlessly about what to do when sleep seems far away. The weird thing is that I found a load of other Blogs all about it too. Seems to be a popular topic!
The big question is: What do you do? The one option is to lie awake in bed listening to the Mozzies circling in and curse yourself for not getting rid of that bowl that someone left outside a few months ago that has been filled by the rain and is happily breeding the little buggers in the back yard. The other option is to come downstairs, risk waking the wife who will sleepily, yet accusingly, ask where on earth it is you're going at three in the morning. But once that obstacle has been manouevred what then? Play some Counter Strike online and kill off a couple of German teenagers for a while (ok more likely be killed by the same German teenager over and over and over again); post something on a blog; do some work since the morning is looking doubtful? So far I've done all of the above...except for the work option! maybe that'll be next... maybe I'll fall asleep at the PC and wake up with a keyboard negative engraved on my face... who knows, at least you'll have shared in some of my night-time wonderings and wanderings... ooh i just remembered there's always Mahjong online... woohoo


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