Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hello World

Yes I'm still alive!
Hello world, I really was going to try to post something at least once a week, but then I didn't... so now its been a while...
so since my last post we've had a few really interesting events.
AngelSpace II
The second Angel Space was on May 20, which was huge fun! I led worship for this youth event held in the Rochester Cathedral. The idea is to try to get young people to explore creative forms of praying and reflecting about God and their faith. It went much better than the first AngelSpace which was hugely over attended (we had 360 young people and leaders when we pessimisticly expected 100! woohoo). Check out the website (link on the left) for some photos. My buddy Phil who is our illustrious AngelSpace leader has a short video of photos on his blog too.
Dave Matthews
We went to see Dave Matthews Band at the Wembley Arena (not the new stadium but the smaller venue next door). It was AWESOME!! Such an amazing set of musicians. He played almost all my favourite numbers but each song lasted like 18 minutes as each member of the band did a solo or two. The only down side was the crowd. Apparantly Dave appeals to a disproportionately large number of tall people. So we were craning our necks like crazy for the first half. Gina and I also seem to search out the weed smokers at whichever concert we go to ... so we had to tell the bunch of Scandanvians next to us to stop smoking... and then decided to move since they were VERY loud and completely off tune, drowning out the brilliance of Dave! But we moved to the back and found some open space and thouroughly enjoyed the rest! Brilliant brilliant!
We then left the next morning at about 6am to catch our ferry to Calais in France for another short trip to Europe. We drove through France & Belgium to Cologne in Germany, stopping at Iepe in Belgium to see the Flanders Fields (WWI) Museum and a Commonwealth cemetary. Very moving stuff. The farmers in Belgium are still pulling bits of the war from their fields. They often come across unexploded shells, mustard gas canisters, rolls of rusted barbed wire and rifles rusted into bits of metal.
We spent a few days in Cologne seeing the Chocolate museum there, the Dom (cathedral) and just generally enjoying the German culture (cake and coffee... hmmmmmm). Photos are up on my facebook profile. We then tried to see some WWII museums on the way home, but only found a small rather wierd musuem in Arnheim. Arnheim was occupied for most of WWII so they have huge displays of Nazi crockery and flags and photos of Nazi soldiers looting when they took the city. Its rather disturbing really. I didn't take any photos like an idiot, so you'll have to take my word for it!
Highlight for me in Germany was driving on the Autobahn - such fun! I managed to get our poor little car up to 105mph... just short of 110mph, which isn't that quick (I remember going faster in a rental car once) but was still a thrill for our little Daihatsu. The German Automobiles flying past us was great fun too! They just zip past and we were doing 90mph most of the time! Good ol' Germans!

Since then its been back to work for both of us. We're counting down the weeks 'til we can be on holiday and make our way back to SA for a few weeks - YAY!
The next excitement is that our road will be closed on the 8th July for teh Tour de France to come flying past. Not bad - we get to watch the worlds biggest cycling race from our bedroom window (or front lawn)! Can't say that everyday... I'll try to take some blurry photos of bicycles as they whizz by...


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Wow, the angel space project sounds amazing! will keep you (and it) in our prayers!

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