Tuesday, September 04, 2007

pigs, cricket & pubs

I am two days into my first week back to work after a 5 week break. Summer holidays are brilliant inventions!!
I'll promise to post something later about our trip to Cape Town, but don't take me too seriously cos I'll probably forget.
We arrived home (yup, Brenchley is home. It's where my guitar and DVD's are) in time for our annual cricket game. All Saints Church vs. The Bull (our neighbouring pub). The Bull failed to get a team together, scared we decided, so we just had a brilliant afternoon of cricket amongst ourselves. The most amazing thing is that I got two wickets! No-one was more surprised than me. It wasn't a normal game, we did a pairs tournament, and my partner and I actually came second! Not too bad at all. We were only beaten by a youngster who came to the crease and happily smacked the ball for about 7 sixes in 6 overs.
For those who don't follow cricket the above will be most boring and meaningless, but fear not, this is a blog so the rest will no doubt be equally uninteresting.
We also attended a fund-raiser that was a combination of an outdoor performance and pig on a spit! Very English and very good fun!
This last sunday we had an Open Air service across the road, rather than in the church. It was great fun, I really do enjoy doing different things for church. It's loads more work, but really worthwhile. I was finding myself being unusually calm whilst others stressed around about me. Can't think why that was? I'm normally the first to pop a blood vessel. Nonetheless it was a great service followed by lunch at the pub! Good ol' English summer. Although depressingly Saturday was not Spring Day as I have always been told, but rather it is now Autumn Day! I was reminded that soon we will turn our clocks back and winter will be upon us... and snow! YAY! and skiing! YAY!

Good ol' English winter...


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