Monday, September 10, 2007

news de cartoon

I am quite a lazy person really, which is the main reason for there being so few posts on this blog. So I don't really spend too much time reading newspapers or keeping up with current affairs. Shocking, I know. What kind of person is so voluntarily naive about today's world!! Well me.
The one way that I manage to stay up to date is by checking a list of cartoons everyday. Zapiro keeps me almost up to date with South African politics, Madam & Eve keep me up to date with South African culture and Dave Walker's "The Cartoon Blog" keeps me informed about the goings on in the Church of England. It's quite a good way to get the latest info. The other cartoon that keeps me chuckling most mornings is Reverend Fun whose cartoons are a great poke at church culture. This is my most recent favourite:

I love the look on God's face... "hmmm... is it really necessary??"
May you enjoy the news de cartoon as much as me!


Blogger halfhaggis said...

I think God probably had free will lined up for the amoebas, but accidentally knocked the bottle over into the human mixing bowl.

Then He couldn't be bothered throwing the humans out and starting them again, so he just left the extra ingredient.

1:00 pm  

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