Friday, January 25, 2008

Post Shedding

I would love to be able to claim that my lack of posts has been a result of Eskoms glorious mismanagement of the electricity supply in SA, but since I am in the UK I don't think it will hold much water. I haven't had any power cuts, reductions in bandwidth or loss of wireless network signal. [Hey, Murray, hows that bag of salt doing?]

I did run out of gas just after Christmas (only cos I kept forgetting to check the level of our tank outside and then didn't order more in time) and my PC has had another RAM module amputated due to, I can only assume, gangrene of the circuit board variety. It was quite a tense week that - the gas ran out and the PC died. I had been trying for ages to back up My Documents with no success so it was with a distinct sense of doom that I thought I had lost an entire year's worth of work. eep
BUt the emergency amputation seemed to save the vital organs. I have yet to fit a prosthetic RAM, once again just haven't got round to it.

I have recently finished reading Brian D McClaren's book "generous orthodoxy" which has given me a new life's pursuit. Namely to meet, fawn over, and then somehow convince to teach-me-oh-great-master the man himself. I am so blown away by the clarity and senserity of his thesis. It is a glorious, fantastic, quite methodist, modern, inclusive look at faith and being the church. I loved it.
I am now devouring Rob Bells' "Sex God" (yes I did get a kick out of asking my local uber-christian bookshop to order it). It too is quite brilliant - so far a very clear look at the relationship (hehe, excuse the pun - inside joke) between sexuality and spirituality.

So my thoughts go out to those who find themselves in the dark: although all that sun and warmth makes me less thoughtful and more envious. Pity that pesky civil war destroyed all the lines running electricity from that big dam in Mozambique whose name I can never remember. Oh well... life in Africa.
[Gosh that sounds so condescending since I'm sitting in UK... oops)