Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why is blogging so hard?

I feel like there is so much pressure to leave something on this blog everyday like some of the blogs I visit everyday.
The problem is that I am loath to leave silly comments (like this one) that have no point...
I also realise that I haven't been keeping my loyal readers (is there anybody out there...) up to date with the goings on in our little household here in Kent.
So lets see whats been happening...
Gina's career
My very clever wife has been promoted! She is now joint head of sixth form at her school. The sixth form is like matric, but its done over two years. Some of you South Africans will know it as A-levels. Gina is charge of personal development for all 120 students (I think) in the sixth form, which means that she is the one chasing them up if they don't go to lessons or miss work, and I think she's the go-to lady for discipline issues and personal crises etc. All very serious and grown-up stuff. The best part is that it comes with a nice little pay-rise... not too shabby since she has to support my DVD addiction. It's not my fault that they are so cheap here, honest! Not to mention my skiing obsession...
I think I mentioned that we were skiing in Feb, which was awesome, except for the very sore muscles (skiing is hard work you know) and the injuries. Here are some pics from our week: This is my snowman... he looks like a civil war refugee complete with amputated arms... but thats cos it was hard enough to get his arms to stay on - I didn't try to make hands.
Unbeknownst to me, one of fellow travellers was making this one:
It started as a beautiful woman, but then the head fell off, and we decided to turn her into one of Henry's wives... the king not the car maker.
This is the view from one of the ski slopes, the clouds came in while we were going up the chair-lift. The village where we stayed is under those clouds somewhere... simply awesome! We didn't get enough pics of us actually skiing. I think we kept thinking we'd do it on the last day and then both got injured... typical!!

New toys
This is completely silly but I thought it worth mentioning some new toys... I am a gadget freak so it does all make sense in the long run:
First off is our new (*snigger*) car. Well its very old but new to us... a friend of ours was going scrap their old car, and suggested that we see how much it would cost to get it roadworthied (called MOT) and licensed etc. We took it along to our friendly garage who managed to get it through all the paperwork for about £250, which is a brilliant price for a new (*snigger*) car. So I am now a BMW driver!! Woohoo. Don't get too excited its an Automatic 1991 BMW 316i that looks and feels its' age. But I still get to be a BMW driver... well almost...
The other new toy is my new phone... I know I know... sillyness continues

Its a Sony Ericsson w850i... Gina calls it a 'slidy-uppy' phone. I call it a mp3playing-photo-taking-game-playing-radio-bluetooth-alarm-PowerPointRemote-device that also makes phone calls and does the sms thing. Like I said: gadget freak.

My other new gadget is a Palm Zire31 that is my other mp3 player, with diary, contacts and most fun SatNav as well. Do I need to say it again: gadget freak!

Now I feel bad cos I've rambled on at length about nonsense, when I should have been writing some profound thoughts like most of the links on your right... so maybe I'll leave the profoundness up to them wiseguys...