Monday, March 27, 2006

The end is near...

So we got Sky TV today.
Which is really good news cos now we can actually make out the stuff on the telly, as opposed to trying to read subtitles through the fuzzy static'ed signal.
The bad news is that now there is NO hope of me ever doing any work again.
Well, not that bad then... all round

Gina and I are off to Brussels on Sunday, then when we get back next Wed, Gina's dad arrives for two weeks. Yay!
Well, he should enjoy the TV then. The only problem is we can't afford the Sports add-on, so all I can see of the SA v Aus game is the channel name... oh well... maybe next year.

So it never did snow again. I'm detemined to go up to the artic circle. I WILL have a snowball fight again even if it kills me. The other thing is that the Skiing bug has completely taken hold of me. I can't wait to get on the slopes again. Its quite sad really

Right, so if I ever get round to it, I'll put up some skiing pics, some Brussels pics, some Paris pics... you know all the cool stuff we get to do living in England.

Damn, am I a smug bastard or what.


God bless