Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The religio-science debate

Every now and then I see something on this great beastie that is the World Wide Web that makes me laugh out loud. Generally its a comic of some sort:

I love it. The best bit is that the 'Darwin' fish doesn't seem to mind that his/her intended is a out-and-out Christian fish, but dad/mom does! So much to say with just a little picture.

If you enjoy this cartoon check out ReverndFun.com.
I reckon that cartoons make the world go round!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Surprises in Kent...

I was awefully surprised last year in June, when whilst living in London we had the most humid and horribly warm summer. I couldn't believe that this soggy little island could produce weather that Gautengers would run away from.
So this afternoon I am sitting listening to a typical Transvaal afternoon summer thunderstorm. Would you believe it?! Its been too hot to do anything much lately and I am enjoying the coolness of my office at home, which was freezing in winter mind.
So there you are... more surprises from this soggy little island. From snow in April to thunderstorms in July... it's all a grand adventure!!