Sunday, November 25, 2007

AngelSpace IV

Just back from another very successful AngelSpace! [check out the website for some photos of the event sooon].
I was the one leading worship again, which I normally am most fond of doing but had to manage somehow with a defcon 7 cold. The voice gave out in the first section, so i am horrified to think of those poor guys who had to endure my croaks for the rest. I was so fortunate to have some very talented accompanyment in form of two amazing female vocals, a sublime bassist, and incredible emergency replacement drummer and a brilliant keyboardist who carried us when a I broke a string [haven't done that for a while... and not yet on the new Taylor - thank heavens for the trusty Ibanez there as back up! I do love having two guitars... but now I'm just showing off - stuff it... thats what a blogs for right?]
We had about 310 young people, so we're staying true to our average of about 300-320 for the four events we've done so far, Brenchley even managed a couple this time - woohoo, go Brenchley!
It was an awesome evening. Even with my voice failing and not having had any (literally) time to practise with the drummer who filled in at the last minute, I really felt good about the worship. I had a couple of young guys in the front just going for it, which was so encouraging. The best thing was one of those rare moments of gooseflesh all the way down my back while I was leading a particularly passionate chorus of How great is our God. Simply amazing. As a worship leader its easy to fall into the trap of using the same old formats and lists of songs that you know will work together. Its been ages since I've had that moment of the music, rhythm and passion of the band lifting the music beyond what we understand music to be; beyond the meaning of th words; to a place where our hearts are able to meet God without our heads getting in the way. Awesome. I enjoyed that moment.
Have a look at the website if you want to know more about AngelSpace - it is a fantastic event... I'm so looking forward to more in 2008!