Tuesday, May 30, 2006

OK, so I'm in England!

Yesterday I felt like Postman Pat. Well, I didn't have a little red van, although I passed two or three on the way, and no little black and white cat, although there is a black cat next door who keeps digging up our grass.
It was a normal day, I got up, went out to buy some eggs and milk as you do, had a coffee at Starbucks and was driving home only to be stopped by a herd ...er flock ... er school .... er canteen? ... by a bunch of sheep. They were being herded (canteened?) up the road and into another field. It was so cool, ok smelly, but still cool . Man can those things make a noise.
Gina and I used to stop at exactly this point on this road to watch the new born lambs about a month ago (one of the now older lambs in just to the right of its mom in the pic). Poor little sheep dog looked terrified by something... I hope it was the cars and not the sheep. They are trully stupid animals. As they are being herded past all these cars they keep vearing off to grab a mouthful of roadside shrub... bleating all the way. Someone needs to tell them that its easier to eat if you keep your mouth closed.

WEll that was my excitement yesterday.
Today, my wife is home after a week long school trip to France. YAY! The house isn't quiet and lonely anymore... and someone's going to do some dishes! YAY!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jesus and helium

So my wife left today for a 5 day trip to France without me. Her school is paying so we're not complaining, although she has to sleep on a coach on a ferry tonight, so maybe I got the better deal since I now get the big bed to myself... bit empty though...

I'm doing an assembly tomorrow on the Ascension. How do you tell kiddies about the ascension without being overly Christian? Its a toughie... well I figure I'll take a helium balloon, maybe make a few balloon doggies and a swan or two and hopefully they'll get the point about not holding onto the balloon cos it was designed to float away. The only problem is the next time mommy buys the little munchkins a helium balloon they'll let it go and tell mommy (oh by the way... its mummy, not mOmmy. The Brits have never heard of mom. Seriously. Its mum around here) that Murray told them to let it go. How did I end up doing Primary school assemblies!?!
To answer your question, no I don't think Jesus and helium ever crossed paths. Its a shame really, I reckon He would have had a top laugh doing the helium giggle. Its amazing the things we take for granted in our modern age. The poor disciples never got to sit around the lounge sucking helium out of floaty balloons laughing at each other's silly voices.
Now someone will probably come and protest outside my house for suggesting that Jesus ever giggled. Nice thought though...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I have been reading some fellow Methodist's blogs and generally feeling their frustrations about the system of Church that they find themselves a part of. I am now exiled from that system while I follow the call of my wallet, it seems to prefer Pounds to Rands. What can you do?

But I long to be a part of that system again, however evil it may be. I feel left out and unbelievably more frustrated with the English Church of England than I ever was with the MCSA.
Surely there is someone who will listen to God instead of political factions and 'interest groups'?
Why do we have leaders who are either not willing or simply not empowered to make the changes that seem so obvious?
Where are the prophets for this generation? Did they all get sucked into the mega-churches and then lost in the crowd? Is God silent?
I won't believe that. I'll hang on and suffer the evils of the system all the while hoping and praying for enough people to cry out with God's heartache at the injustice of it all. God is bigger than our silliness.