Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ok, so blogging has never been my strong point...
I'm going to claim that a new baby takes up a great deal of time and so I simply haven't been able to blog anything
The reality is that everytime I've thought about adding something, I haven't felt like it... yup that's the truth of it, so sorry all my devoted readers (*snigger* as if there were any)

So yes, I am now a dad... that's a flippen weird thing to type!
Little Emma Leigh was born on the 16th April '08
I finally get to challenge someone (*chuckle*) to a quick one-question quiz: what is the mathematical significance of little Emma's birthday?
Here is my favourite photo so far of her highness (although favourite is such a loaded term - as if I could choose from the 300 photos so far accumulated...):

she was just one day old when we took this picture ... and no those aren't our hideous curtains, they are in fact the choice of the very helpful and wonderful midwives at Pembury Hospital!

Sleep is hard to come by, Emma will sleep for abour four hours once in a while, we're lucky if that happens to be at night... which was fine until I had to go back to my deadly 7am starts to get to random assemblies! So we've had quite a few nights that have a bedtime at 1.30am and wake up at 7am with a brief time of holding/rocking/shushing at 4am! anyway enough of that... its time for some attempted sleeping...


Blogger Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

I know that you will make a good dad

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