Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunday's sermon

I have never tried this before... so have a read if you feel up to it and let me know what you think... just be gentle since its the first time I've uploaded a sermon. I tend to write them out in keyword format so you have to fill in the gaps (both grammatically and theologically... hehe)

The Reckless Sower
A man went out to sow seed in his field. He carefully scattered the seed onto the well prepared good soil, and lovingly made sure there was just the right amount of seed in his furrows. He cared for his crop until the time came for the harvest.

That’s not right is it?
Jesus used stories to teach, as was the culture of his day.
Now where was Jesus when he told this story of the sower?
In a dry, semi-desert climate, where famine and poverty is just a bad season away, you would expect Jesus to talk about being dedicated and careful – working hard to provide for God’s people.
But no… Jesus tells this story instead
Luke 8:4-15

Jesus paints God as a rather reckless farmer, chucking the seed about not seeming to notice or care where it lands.
What a waste of seed.
Or is it?
Jesus says this seed is the word of God, the word that was God and became flesh and lived among us, the word that is all that God is.
God the sower sows this seed, this word of God, everywhere. But its not a reckless act, its an amazingly abundant act. The story first and foremost tells us about the generous, extravagant, overflowing nature of God’s love for His people… ALL His people. We would love to think that God doesn’t like our enemies, that God only loves those who are like us, those who fit into our picture of what God likes… but God’s abundant love is poured out on everyone.
Rather we are the ones who are reckless with God’s love.
The four types of ground represent the different ways that we avoid God’s love.
PATH – God’s love consumed by evil: anger, bitterness, grudges, selfishness
ROCK – God’s love is dried out when we lose patience with God’s timing
THORNS – God’s love is strangled by all the other gods we hold onto: pride, fame, wealth, power,
GOOD SOIL – When God’s love is accepted by “an honest and good heart and bear fruit with patient endurance”
God is not a reckless farmer, chucking seed (His love) about
Rather God pours out this abundant love on everyone!
We are the one’s who through our selfishness, bitterness, impatience and false idols are reckless with this love that God offers…


Blogger Candice said...

I miss you...

11:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a story that goes: A man was walking past a farmer's field. The man says, "Wow - God has made your field grow amazingly well."

The farmer replies, "You should see what he does to it when I'm not around!"

10:55 am  
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